Friday, 29 March 2013

Perrier: Secret Place

Prepare yourself for a unique moment, like you can’t even imagine. An extraordinary experience, where everything is possible, where you can push your boundaries without caring about tomorrows.

Yesterday I received an invitation from Perier to try their amazing campaign before the global launch at April 2nd. I want to thank them for the honor and to share with you this experience. Go to The secret password is "PE617". For more info on the campaign, read the following Q&A.

Q&A Perrier Secret Place

Perrier Secret Place Premise :If you were at a Secret and Exclusive party and you wanted to party as long as possible, you’d make sure you were as refreshed as possible.  And no one can throw a party and ensure you are refreshed to party as long as you can like Perrier.

Q. Tell us about this latest digital initiative for Perrier?
Ø  Perrier Secret Place puts you in the shoes of a guest who goes to a very very special evening party. A hidden place in an alley in Paris, behind a laundry mat. An evening where all guests will have the opportunity to live their craziest fantasies. And you'll have the best seat in the house to enjoy since all the characters that you see on the screen are clickable. With one click you find yourself in their skin. Living their fantasy.

Q.  How did you come up with this idea?
Ø  We started from the following insight: drinking Perrier during the evening party is the best way to take full advantage of all the opportunities available to you…and until the end of the night. In Secret Place, not only are you at the Ultimate Party living out the experience of the Ultimate Party Guest from the beginning, but you also live out the ultimate evening of 60 other guests who are in the apartment.

Q. And there is something to win, right?
Ø  Yes. At the ultimate party, we’ve hidden a very special bottle of Perrier. 5 clues are hidden in the rooms of the apartment. They will lead you to the bottle where you are entered into a drawing to win an exclusive invitation to the wildest night of the world party in St Tropez, New Year in Sydney, Miami Art Basel, Carnival in Rio and the closing of the season Ibiza. Only the most experienced gamers will succeed, believe me ...Among thousands of different scenarios during the evening, only one leads to the bottle.

Q.  So, it’s a game or an interactive film?
Ø  Both! This project mixes Brand Entertainment and Gaming. We produced 1 hour and 20 minutes of content that allows all users to experience a unique evening scenario. We also used digital interactivity to inject this dimension of Gaming. This involves the quest of finding the bottle and the opportunity to live the lives of all guests by clicking on them.

Q.  Why Secret Place?
Ø  This was inspired by the emerging phenomenon of speak easy. A party venue at the rear façade that has absolutely nothing to do with the place. This is quite in line with Perrier. Completely unexpected.

Q.  How are you using social networks to amplify this experience?
Ø  In partnership with the agency Buzzman, we worked on a social strategy:
Become a fanon Perrier Facebookand regularlyyou will gettips tofind clues thatwill lead you tothe secret Perrierbottle.We'll give youa little tip. Slip intothe skin of theyoung man wholooks through thekeyhole and live out his fantasy.  Orplay agame of"PillowFight"(Sounds weird, but itisPerrier!)

Q.  How will the experience function on the mobile?
Ø  We have specifically developed an application that runs on iPhone/ Android /iPad. This is not a replication of the desktop experience but a concept designed for specifically for the mobile device. By downloading the application you enter the rooms of the Perrier apartment and you can navigate through each room. The challenge: find the Secret hidden bottle of Perrier in the apartment.

Q.  What was the biggest challenge to pull off this experience?
Ø  This is the most ambitious project to carry. We spent 18 months writing lots and lots of different scenarios. Produced a film in which we choreographed each scene so that it is connecting with one another when the user clicks on the characters. Sound design work has also been a real challenge. Imagine having to reproduce the sound of a bottle on a bar as many times as there are people in the room who can hear it.

Q.  Where will Secret Place be launched?
Ø  The experience will be available worldwide but open to 20 countries to play in the major markets for Perrier France, United States and Canada. This is the first time that Perrier launches a project of this magnitude in the United States. The challenge is enormous. Positioning is also a little different there. Much more premium. We really hope that the French touch--its audacious content-- is embraced well there.

Q.  What results do you expect?
Ø  There is a counter on the site that counts the number of lives that all users worldwide will live on the site.1 life = 1 click on a character. I want to hear from Perrier that this idea made 10 million lives by the end of week five of the experience’ launch.

Q.  How is this truly innovative?
Ø  We believe Secret Place is truly a digital first. Not because it’s the first time you can click on something and enter into his point of view. But, the ambition was really to say: Imagine you enter in any movie theater, have the quality screenwriting and the direction of cinema but also to have permanent control over the course of the story.

Q.  What kind of partner did you work with to make this type of project?
Ø  Fighting Fish is our production partner based in Paris. This is the first time that we’ve made a digital experience for Perrier conducted by the French. This is an opportunity to remind the world that France is in a good position on Digital Excellence.

Beyond the fact that Fighting Fish is based in Paris, it was able to fulfill the requirements demanded by this project.  The team assembled to deliver this feature was made up of an interactive-hybrid. On the team was Lawrence King, the director of the experience and who is currently working on his own film. Arnaud XXX is the production designer and there were the script writers. Franck Marchalover saw the sound design –having conducted several reputable orchestras before working with us. Fighting Fish puts digital at the heart of its "production thinking" and Ogilvy Paris thinks the same way. This allows a real synergy between the film's producers and those who are thinking through its interactivity.

Q.  Why is Secret Place the right creative approach for Perrier now?
Ø  Digital and social are playing an increasing role in Perrier's Communications strategy. They have an important, specific role: communicating the edgier, younger, hottest facet of the brand. Reaffirming that Perrier is a must have brand and product when it comes to partying and socialising. And proving, again and again, that the brand loooooves creativity, surprise and inventiveness. This is what Secret Place brilliantly does in my mind.  – Benoit de  Fleurian, ManagingDirector | Ogilvy & Mather Advertising. 
The digital space has opened up a new opportunity for brands. It's solved a contradiction that exists in the real world. Physically, you can't make an exclusive experience accessible to everybody. But with Secret Place, that's exactly what we've achieved. We give people the opportunity to live an experience they wouldn't normally live, but have always dreamed about. Like those exclusive parties you've always longed to be invited to. And thanks to Perrier, you can live it not once, but multiple times, through the eyes of multiple characters. This is an idea that is only possible thanks to the technology we have at our disposal today, and a bit of creative thinking. - Chris Garbutt, Chief Creative Officer | Ogilvy & Mather Paris, Group

Q.  The Director is who?  And why did you choose this director?
Ø  Laurent King. We chose him because of his ability to manage this kind of project: half movie, half digital and interactive experience. It's really important to have this kind of new director that knows how to direct with all the constraints that a digital experience impose.

Q.  Where did you shoot and tell me one challenge with organizing the shoot or a challenge that arrived at the shoot?  How did you overcome the challenge?
Ø  We filmed in an amazing appartement in Paris that was almost a piece of art by itself. We loved the parisian kind of architecture of it, with lovely rooms, very different to each other. It's very rare to find a place with different moods and atmosphere in it. Moreover, we were looking for a place where you can imagine secret parties happening in it. The biggest challenge was to choreograph all the action of the 60 guests. It was a real challenge because every character had a link to each other in terms of scenario.

Q.  Is there a music track?  
Ø  The track of the experience is played live by the group called "TOYZ". 

Q.  Would love to hear from one of the party-go’ers at this Ultimate Party. . .
Ø  The Host : All Secret Places have their secrets. You understand why I'll keep this one. . . 

Full Credits:  Perrier Secret Place: 
Client : Perrier
Product : Perrier
Title : Perrier Secret Place
Format : Digital/Brand Entertainement
Chief Creative Officer : Chris Garbutt
Creative Director : Frederic Levron,Thierry Chiumino
Copywriter : Baptiste Clinet, Nicolas Lautier, Florian Bodet
Art Director : Baptiste Clinet, Nicolas Lautier, Florian Bodet, Chris Rowson,
Global Business Leader :  Constance CapyBaudeau
Account Supervisor :StanislasVert
Film Producer : Hugo Diaz, Diane de Bretteville
Digital producer : Hugo Diaz, Cyril Duval, Sandra Petrus
Production company :Fighting Fish, Olivier Dormerc, Cyril Couve de Murvil, AdrienMoisson, Benjamin Przelspolewski
Sound Design : Le COMPTOIR DU SON / Franck MARCHAL  & Alexandre POIRIER
Film Director :Laurent King
Story development: Olivier Domerc
Story editor: Benjamin Bloch
Production manager: Caroline Petruccelli
Production designer: Arnaud Roth
Director of Photography:Frédéric Martial Wetter
Line Producer: Vincent RIVIER
Location manager:Timothée TALANDIER
Main title music: Toys
Client:NWFB head of marketing and category, Muriel Koch. Sparkling Brand Director, Fabienne Bravard. Perrier International Brand ManagerArmelleRoulland
Social Media & PR Strategy Buzzman :
Georges Mohammed-Chérif (CEO & DC)
Hubert Munyazikwiye (Head of Social Media & PR)
Nicolas David (Social Media Manager)

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Somersby Cider: The Somersby Store

Somersby Cider's launch in UK, mocks Apple fanboys with this hilarious spot. Single core and dual core apples, wireless glasses, full of great content, easy to use, one click to connect, this cider even works perfectly in direct sunlight. Enjoy.

Advertising Agency: Fold 7, London

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dove Men + Care: Stop using women's shampoo

Hirarious spot from Brasil with a man who experiences a gorgeous hair makeover because he is using women's shampoo. They make fun of all the tossing of shiny and luscious hair we are used to see in women's shampoo ads. Before you see it turn on subtitles.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Converse: Shoes are Boring. Wear Sneakers.

So true to their audience. Shoes are so boring. Sneakers though are what keeps this audience alive & kicking.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Carlsberg: Put friends to the test

Your friend calls you up in the middle of the night and say that he is in big trouble. He needs 300€ because of a poker game gone bad. Would you go to get him off the hook? Would you prove yourself a real friend. Duval Guillaume Modem worked its magic once more. This time for Carlsberg. Try it to your friends.

Agency: Duval Guillaume Modem

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Mercy for Animals: Mad Sausage

If fast food could talk, you'd bloody well listen. A sausage tells his dramatic story to guy who is just about to eat it. When he does, he sees the ugly truth. I don't know if I'll stop eating sausages but I'll sure be checking twice where do I shop from.

UTEC: Potable Water Generator Billboard

This is the first billboard that captures air humidity and turn it into potable water. A project by UTEC (The University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru) and DraftFCB made to get student interested in their engineering program. Instead of running an advertising campaign though, they helped Lima, the second largest capital in the world set on a desert, solve the huge problem of lacking potable water.

Emma: Le Trèfle (toilet paper)

We all use tablets and smartphones but digital paper has its limitations. Paper has a great future. Especially this kind of paper... See for yourselves in the following funny ad.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Dead Man Down movie: Elevator murder experiment

What would you do if you saw a murder taking place in an elevator? Would you help, take photos or just run? 2 guys set a hidden camera and staged a murder. Great viral for the promotion of Dead Man Down movie.

Friday, 1 March 2013

2013 Audi RS 4 Avant: Ultimate Paintball Duel

Fast cars, paintball guns, great driving and fun to watch. This duel between 2 brand new 2013 Audi RS 4 Avant has it all.

Advertsing agency: Rubber Republic, London
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