Friday, 20 December 2013

Google Zeitgeist: Here's to 2013

Google Zeitgeist 2013 gives us the top search terms for the year. You can look at the top 10 charts about people, events, athletes, movies, consumer electronics, etc, here. There is also an interactive 3d trends globe

Google Zeitgeist 2013

Delov Digital: Chuck Norris Epic Christmas Split

When Chuck Norris makes a split it has to be beyond epic. Nice cgi from Delov Digital.

Chuck Norris epic christmas split

Agency: Delov Digital

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Soap: Digital Predictions 2014

Every year Soap makes its digital, advertising, social and tech predictions. Some of them are meet some of them are not, but always are worth reading. If you want to know what they predicted last year click here

Soap digital predictions 2014

Carlton Dry: #HelloBeer

Pure silliness! These four inventive housemates will definetely make you laugh in this series of spots for Carlton Dry and the #hellobeer campaign.

Carlton dry - #HelloBeer

Advertising agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Coca-Cola Life: Ser Padres

Amazingly true, funny and heartwarming spot for Coca Cola Life. It shows exactly how your life changes completelly when you have a child, how difficult it gets, but at the same time how incredible parenting is. The dad's expresion in the end is just perfect. The green labeled Coca-Cola Life is sold in Argentina.

Coca-Cola Life: Ser Padres

Advertising agency: Santo Buenos Aires
Director: Pucho Mentasti 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

WestJet Christmas miracle: Real-Time Giving

This Christmas magic from WestJet got 12.000.000 views and still counting. How? Studio m, took a virtual Santa, 175 WestJet volunteers, 16 cameras in 3 airports and one on a plane and set up a miracle for the passengers of two Calgary-bound flights.

Passengers were invited to scan their boarding passes, talk with a virtual Santa and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. A team of WestJet volunteers got out and bought every gift the passengers asked before the planes landed to Calgary.

Imagine how everyone felt when they saw wrapped gifts coming out instead of baggages in the baggage area. Ok stop imagining and watch the video.

WestJet Christmas miracle: Real-Time Giving

Agency: studio m, Canada

Verizon Droid: 48 hours

Edward Norton wakes up in a morgue, picks up his Motorola Droid Maxx, then the flashback of his last 48 hours begins. In this fun to watch 90 seconds film we see Edward Norton finding a wallet, singing karaoke, still someone's girlfriend, crashing a plane, being tied upside down, winning a ferret from a mob boss in a Connent Four game, all with the help of his Droid phone with the impressive 48 hours battery life.

Verizon Droid - 48 hours

Verizon Droid - 48 hours


Client: Verizon Wireless
Title: A Lot Can Happen in 48 Hours
Air Date: December 5, 2013

Agency: mcgarrybowen New York
Executive Creative Director: Cheryl Van Ooyen
Creative Director: Tiffany Smith
Associate Creative Director: Jamie Massam
Writers: Cheryl Van Ooyen, Tiffany Smith, Alex Flint
Art Director: Jamie Massam
Director of Broadcast Production: Dante Piacenza
Executive Producer: Leelee Groome
Executive Music Producer: Stephanie Diaz-Matos

Production Company: MJZ
Director: Matthijs van Heijningen
Executive Producer: Scott Howard
Producer: Mark Hall
DoP: Chris Soos, Alwin Kuchler

Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Editors: Adam Pertofsky, Neil Meiklejohn
Executive Producer: Carol Lynn Weaver
Producer: Juliet Batter

VFX: The Mill
Creative Director: Chris Knight
Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris
Senior Producer: Dan Roberts
Producer: Jillian Lynes
3D Artists: Feliz Urquiza, Blake Guest, Matt Bohnert, Ashraf Ghoniem
2D Artists: Chris Knight, Margolit Steiner, Daniel Thuresson, Chris Payne, Jake Maymudes, Tara DeMarco
Matte Painting: Andy Wheater
Motion Graphics: Byron Slaybaugh

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

CANALPLAY: Insomny Coffee

INSOMNY coffee. A unique approach to all movie lovers from Buzzman for CANALPLAY, a subscription VOD offer launched by CANAL +. It is something like Netflix for France. You pay once a month and you have access to unlimited movies and TV series.

In order to reach real fans of movies and TV series in an unique way, Buzzman partnered with passionate coffee makers to select and roast coffee beans from Burundi, India and Brasil to obtain a high quality coffee, strong enough to keep movie lovers awake. INSOMNY coffee was lauched. On every pack you could find a code for a free 2 months CANALPLAY subscription.



Advertising Agency: Buzzman
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