Thursday, 11 May 2017

Alien: Covenant installation

Hundreds of Alien fans were lucky enough to be part of a shocking experience and enter the Alien universe. 5SEIS agency presented a quarantine dome, as a cave. In the dark and mysterious interior, there are eggs and an Alien that surprises visitors.

They created a shocking event about the Alien saga and the upcoming release film Alien: Covenant, which began with the celebration of Alien Day. Experiences that integrate technology, staging and Alien culture.

The event was held on Wednesday, April 26 in of Abasto Shopping, with the press, influencers, and fans through a social network giveaway.

Some of the experiences included:
The Alien Detector: An Aliens detector scanner, a development of Weyland Yutani Corp, which warns if the participant carries an Alien in his body. Maybe a Chestburster will come out of his chest! The performance of each participant was recorded and sent in GIF format and shared on social media.

Meet Walter®, a synthetic with AMD Ryzen processing power. AMD is the official supplier of artificial intelligence on Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant. Along with this line, through various technological tests, the user can create his own Walter® synthetic according to his personality. Thanks to NFC technology, your Walter® configuration will be complete by physically locating the AMD Ryzen chip.
Alien-Covenant-20th-Century-Fox -Abasto-Shopping

Exhibition of original license figures by Knowhere Collectibles. Queen Alien, limited edition books, statuettes of various sizes with a great level of detail. In addition, themed drinks were served on a pop-up bar.

The installation was present for 4 days for fans and the general public, between Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th April 2017. Alien: Covenant premieres on May 18, 2017, in Argentina.

Agency: 5SEIS
Creative Directors: Gabriel Aufgang, Pablo Saquero
Producer: Ariel Serra

Advertised brand: Alien: Covenant
Advertiser: 20th Century Fox Argentina
Advert title(s): Alien: Covenant | 20th Century Fox Argentina
Dates: April 26-30, 2017
Location: Abasto Shopping

For 20th Century Fox Argentina:
Martin Zambonini - Regional Digital Manager / Marketing Director
Cecilia Bianchini - Senior Publicity Manager
Valeria Rimoldi - Advertising & Promotion Manager
Florence Berti - Marketing Coordinator

For AMD: Nicolas Canovas, Juan Sturla
For Abasto Shopping: Romina Castro Peña, Maria Victoria Moreno
For Knowhere Collectibles: Franco Celentano

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