Monday, 30 April 2012

Zonajobs: Grandma

This is so funny. Find a job you want to go to and leave your grandma rest in peace. Great work from DraftFBC Buenos Aires.

Agency: DraftFBC Buenos Aires

The rise of the visual social network

Social networks are becoming increasingly visual. Why is this happening? Why should brands care? And what should they do? The following infographic will navigate you through all this questions.


Friday, 27 April 2012

Patterned by Nature

What an amazing installation! A giant 10 feet wide and 90 feet in length sculptural ribbon winds through the five story atrium of the Nature Research Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, It is made of 3600 tiles of LCD glass. Animations are created by independently varying the transparency of each piece of glass.

Patterned by Nature was created by
Plebian Design -
Hypersonic Design & Engineering -
Sosolimited -

Binggrae Banana flavored milk: Farm, Grassland

Crazy ads for banana flavoured milk.

Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide Seoul, South Korea
Creative Director: Hui-Kang Yea
Art Director / Copywriter: Giho Lee
Graphic Designer: Hee-Chan Yang
VFX Designer: Yong-Kyu Lee
Published: March 2012

Xerox: A world made simpler

Excellent mixture of printed paper, stop motion and CG in this corporate video for Xerox. Psyop and Blacklist partnered up to tell the story of Xerox via Y&R, New York. Shot in one room with a solitary Xerox MFP, Psyop's Laurent Barthelemy and Blacklist's Denis "Cisma" Kamioka co-direct the tale of Xerox's services, technology and expertise through constant movement and playful applications of paper.

Agency: Y&R, New York
Executive Creative Director: Jim Radosevic
Art Director: Kleber Menezes
Copywriter: Corey Rakowsky
Executive Producer: Robert Beck
Producer: Craig Sklaver

Production Company: Psyop / Blacklist
Director: Psyop / Cisma
Creative Directors: Laurent Barthelemy, Denis Kamioka
Psyop Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo
Blacklist Executive Producer: Adina Sales
Producer: Ave Carrillo, Erik Gullstrand
Live Action Producer: Gabi Hahn
VFX Supervisor: Joerg Liebold
Designers: Naomi Chen, Eunice Kim
Editor: Sam Goetz
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Lead Technical Director: George Smaragdis
Animation: Ryan Moran, Helene Park, Sophie Gate
VFX: George Smaragdis, Jordan Harvey
Light: Fabio Piparo
Lead Tracking: Bogdan Mihajlovic
Compositing: Herculano Fernandez
Flame: Aniello Zampella, Fabien Coupez

Live Action Production Company: Parnoid BR
Executive Producer: Egisto Betti
Production Manager: Gabi Hahn
First Assistant Directors: Camila Andreoni, Renata Salloum
Director of Photography: Pierre Kerchove
Art Director: Olivia Helena Sanches

Stop Motion: Fabio Yamagi, Banzai Studios

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The illusion of choice

An eye-opener. You think you choose a brand but you actually almost anything you buy comes from a few major mother-companies.


Red Stripe: Space Invaders installation

British street artist Filthy Luker in collaboration with Red Stripe, transformed Manchester Town Hall into an interactive Space Invaders game using plastic road barriers and road work equipment. The retro-classic installation comes to life at night with LED lights which animate when anyone presses a button on the street.

Filthy Luker and Red Stripe

Direct TV: Don't Have Your House Explode

A great new addition to the series of 3 commercials from Direct TV. Watch the previous commercials here.

Advertising Agency: Grey, New York, USA

Beetle: New Beetle 2012

Nice illustrations in this interactive site for the new Beetle. You draw a Beetle and the story begins.You get to draw various things along the way until your car falls down to a huge VW machine and be transformed to the new Beetle.

Give it a try here

Agency Try/Apt, Norway

Wednesday, 25 April 2012 Unlimited minutes plan

“Some words are hard to reach. Unlimited minutes plan.”

Advertising Agency: Grey, Santiago de Chile
Executive Creative Director: Miguel Angel Cerdeira
Creative Director: Alberto Osorio
Art Director: Johann Hotz
Copywriter: Alberto Osorio, Ignacio Gutierrez
Illustrator: Oscar Ramos, Marabolo

Volkswagen Amarok: Facebook FlipBook

McCann Istanbul used Facebook Photo Gallery to create and ad for Volkswagen Amarok. It consists of 200 images and you just have to keep your finger on the -> button and flip through the album so fast that it turns into a never ending movie loop.

Advertising Agency: McCann İstanbul

Agent Provocateur: The Chase

"Sexy never takes a day off". Another great commercial from Agent Provocateur, blog's favourite lingerie maker. A sexy model chases a bag-snatching thief and during the chase she looses her clothes but keeps running only with her sexy lingerie.

Client: Agent Provocateur

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Old Spice: I Can Do Anything

"Believe in your Smellf" says Wieden + Kennedy Portland and Old Spice "Champion". And you can built muscles, have nice hair, sophisticated friends and drive a sports car made from environmentally friendly materials. You can even broke up with Heather Graham. OK. Déjà vu.

Old Spice continues in the same path. Maybe they just can't escape this. The spot is good but it makes you compare it with the first campaign. What do you think?

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland

Stylish Soda: Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke

Jean Paul Gaultier designed 2 limited edition bottles for Diet Coke: "Day" and "Night". This is his first work as creative director for Diet Coke.

Ford: The Parisian Pinball Park

That's the way to park. Bump your car really hard and beat the high score.
To promote Ford's Active Park Assist, Ogilvy Paris set a giant Pinball machine over a free parking space, programmed the bumpers of the front and rear cars and waited for the clumsy Parisian drivers to park their cars. The more they hit the bumpers the highest pinball score they got. Crazy!

Agency: Ogilvy Paris

Monday, 23 April 2012

Domino's Pizza: Safe Sound

That's a funny sound you never heard of. Domino's uses electric scooters in the Netherlands and in order to make them extra safe (the lack of engine sound makes electric vehicles unsafe for pedestrians)  made fake "domino's" sounds. The outcome is a both funny and creative.

Sprite: Shower

Summer is close and this is a great installation for any beach.

Agência CASA: Timesheets = Free beer

The Brazilian spirit. Agência CASA turned one of the most boring things, filling the time sheet, into a funny process. When 100% of the time sheets are complete, an electronically locked fridge opens and everyone gets free beers. CASA is one of JWT Worldwide’s digital and innovation hubs.

Saturday, 21 April 2012 How Green Is Your iPad?

Impressive -or depressing- facts for the new iPad and its environmental footprint. The following infographic from, published on Mashable is very interesting. The new iPad emits 180 kg of CO2. Its a lot if you compare it with iPad, 130 kg and iPad2, 105 kg of CO2. Just imagine that the emissions of all iPads sold equals the total CO2 emissions of 1.265000 cars in one year.

Ray-Ban: Dancing, Short Skirt, Kiss, Lovers, Rainstorm, Rapper, Volunteer

Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Worldwide Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Head of strategic Planning: Rob Klingensmith
Worldwide Account Director: Alberto Scorticati
Creative Director: Dimitri Guerassimov, Eric Jannon
Art Director: Bastien Grisolet, Anaïs Boileau, Souen Le Van
Copywriter: Martin Rocaboy
Account Director: Shannon Eddy
Account Executive: Julie Amen, Rodolphe Pedrono
Global Print Manager: Jean-Luc Chirio
Art Buyer: Lauriane Dula
Executive Producer: Thomas Geffrier
Photographer: Mark Seliger
Producer: Ruth Levy
Costume Designer: Arianne Phillips
Hair Stylist: Terry Millet
Make-up Artist: Kathy Jeung
Set Designer: Rick Floyd

Heineken: Keep it legendary

A great spoiler killer app for soccer fans. Heineken, thought of all American soccer fans who want to see UEFA Champions League games but, unfortunately for them, they are working due to the time difference. They created "Keep it Legendary", a set of apps on their facebook page. It includes "Fever Keeper" a spoiler killer app that blocks all info about the games, before, during and after so that people stay unaware of the result. The other app is "Venue Locator" and with it you can plan to see the game with your friends.

Agency: The Vidal Partnership

Friday, 20 April 2012

LG Home Theater 3D: Different Sides, Forest, Kill, Pretty

What a clever way to visualize 3d sound.

Advertising Agency: Y&R Sao Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Rui Branquinho
Creative Directors: Rui Branquinho, Flavio Casarotti, Victor Santanna, Jorge Iervolino
Art Director: Guilherme Rácz
Copywriter: Lucas Casão
Photographer: Lúcio Cunha
Art Buyer: Monica Beretta
Print Agency Producers: Elaine Carvalho, Flavio Zamboni
Account Managers: Valeria Ordonhez, Sandra Borges, Julia Altenhofen
Planner: Fernanda Flandoli, João Gabriel, Rafael Rossi
Media team: Gustavo Gaion, Gabriela Ben David

Krisbow Ace Hardware: Magical City

Wonderful packaging and in-store promo.

Advertising Agency: JWT Jakarta, Indonesia
Executive Creative Director: Ivan Hady Wibowo
Creative Directors: Leonard Wiguna, Anton Santosa
Art Directors: Sebastian Chendra, Selwyn Irawan
Copywriter: Ratna Puspita
Photographer: Utomo Raharjo / Clarissa Peddy Photography
Digital Imaging Artists: Rudi Harianto, Poso Marwan, Taufik Myman
Producer: Budi Mulianto
Client Service: Reza Fitriano
Published: May 2011

Thursday, 19 April 2012

IKEA: Smallest store in the world

2.800 products in a 300 x 250 pixel web banner. This great banner that you can play with here
shows that no matter how cramped your space is, there’s always a solution. There must be so much work behind this.

The smallest IKEA store in the World from IKEA on Vimeo.

P&G London 2012: The hardest job in the world

A tribute to moms. The hardest job in the world, but at the same time, the best job in the world. Wieden + Kennedy launched the P&G "Thank you, Mom" campaign for the London 2012 Olympic Games with a 2 minute film.

A very emotional film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu (Babel, Biutiful, 21 Grams). It was shot on 4 continents and features local actors and athletes from each location—London, Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles and Beijing.
You can also say thank you at

Advertising agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Aides: Sex map

Stop Bechir: Dream on - Dictators don't just stop

A campaign from TBWA paris to help stop the dictator Omar al-Bechir, the President of Sudan.

Advertising Agency: TBWA Being, Paris, France
Creative Director: Thierry Buriez
Art Director: Stéphane Sacuto
Copywriter: Kate McMullen
Brand Manager: Marie Reynaud
TV Production: Hervé Dommange
Sound Producer: Fabrice Pouvreau
Production Company: Blue Film
Producer: Philippe Garnier
Director: Bertrand Touchard / InDaPROD
Producer: Philippe Garnier
Voice-over: Charlotte Rampling

BMW with Backup Sensors: Kid

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Guatemala

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Smart Argentina: The first animated Twitter commercial

A truly "Smart" use of Twitter. Smart Argentina used their Twitter page to create an animated ad in their Twitter stream. You can play in their Twitter page. Push J to move forwards and K to move backwards.

TNT: Push to add drama

Great ambient from Duval Guillaume Modem for the promotion of American drama station TNT Benelux (Turner Television Network). They placed a red button in a square and urged people to push it to add drama. Then a lot happened. Great stunt.

Agency: Duval Guillaume Modem

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Harley-Davidson: Doll

Advertising Agency: Big, İstanbul, Turkey
Creative Directors: Kağan Küçük, Kemal Hayıt
Art Directors: Celal Sadıker, Gözde Menemenlioğlu, Tuğba Ürer
Copywriters: Cem Yolal, Uğur Sönmez, Erdem Güler
Retouch: Buğra Atıcı
Photographer: Nihal Gündüz
Agency Producer: Tuğba Ağırbaş Özkan
Published: April 2012

TicTac: Flashmob

That's a different flashmob. The don't dance. They don't sing. They just faint. All of them. Just from a single bad breath. Funny.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Nike Free: I Would Run To You

This story will surely remind you a 2009 Cannes' gold winner spot. In Nike's spot we see two lovers running across USA to meet each other. They are singing some funny lyrics, the guy gets in the hospital because he can't keep up to the pace and the woman finds him there to end the little story and promote Nike Free Run+ 3. A social media campaign that will challenge runners to test their strength by singing to a special “Nike Free Running Karaoke” mix, debuts next week. 

The spot is easy to watch, funny in some points but too "American" for me. 
Those who missed the awarder "Love Distance" spot can watch it after Nike's. Which one do you like?

Advertising Agency: W+K Portland


Advertising Agency:GT Tokyo, JAPAN

Stop The Traffik: Girls going wild in red light district

A lot of girls working in Amsterdam's Red Light District are victims of human trafficking. The following ambient campaign surprised a lot of people and delivered the message. It will surprise you too.

Learn more at

Agency: Duval Guillaume Modem

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Hennessy: Wild Rabbit

What's your wild rabbit? Droga 5 has made a wonderful campaign for Hennessy Cognac.
Find your limits, your wild rabbit inside you, like world champion boxer, politician and businessman Manny Pacquiao, winning musician, lyricist and poet Erykah Badu and film-making visionary and philanthropist Martin Scorsese did.

Also visit the site because it is absolutely stunning.

Agency: Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman: David Droga                  
Executive Creative Directors: Ted Royer / Nik Studzinski          
Creative Directors: Maja Fernqvist / Joakim Saul
Copywriter: Feliks Richter
Art Director: Alexander Nowak
Designer: Ryan Hoelting
Head of Integrated Production: Sally-Ann Dale
Executive Producer: Ben Davies
Agency Producer: Maggy Lynch
Senior Print Producer: Jeannie O'Toole
Head of Strategy: Jonny Bauer
Account Director: Steven Panariello

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Magnum: Pleasure Hunt 2

The sequel to last year's Magnum game has a few additions that makes it worth playing. Check the video below then go to and try it for yourselves.

Agency: Lowe Brindfors
Creative Director: Patrik Westerdahl and Petter Lublin
Copywriter: Henrik Haeger
Web Designer: Ellinor Bjarnolf and Rasmus Sjöborg
Strategy Director: Oscar Erlandsson
Account Director: Tina Jarlerud
Digital Producer: Lisa Flacké and Sofia Jönsson
Account Manager: Jessica Nordlund and Emma Branting
Technical Producer: Tobias Löfgren
Production: B-Reel/B-Reel Films
Sound: Plan8
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