Friday, 29 June 2012

Playboy South Africa: Hair Through the Ages

Playboy's influence through the last decades, shown in a clever and funny way.

Directed by Jason Fialkov at Egg Films.
Advertising Agency: Y&R, South Africa
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Lang
Executive Creative Director: Rui Alves
Copywriter: Sherinne Winderley
Art Director: Ivor Forrestor

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

BMW M5 - "Bullet" high performance art

Awesome video from BMW. An M5 going through a glass apple, water balloons and a shooting target, extremely fast but shown in a super slow bullet motion. Imagine a frame rate as high as a 1000 frames per second.

Advertising Agency: Cundari, Toronto, Canada

UNIQLO: Dry Mesh Project

Uniqlo hacked Pinterest to showcase their products. The "Uniqlo Dry Mesh Project," managed to cut through ‘scrolling slumber’ with a simultaneous pinning event. They created 100 separate user accounts and dominated Pinterest with their pins. When users scrolled through the page a branded Uniqlo mosaic appeared. Excellent work from Firstborn New York.

Agency: Firstborn New York

Monday, 25 June 2012

McDonald's: Behind The Scenes at a McDonald's Photo Shoot

McDonald's Canada created a site where you can ask any question and they will answer. So, when someone asked "Why does your food look different in the advertising than what is in the store?" McDonald's went out and made a behind the scenes video of a photo shoot.

Advertising Agency: Tribal DDB, Toronto, Canada
Directors: Jon & Torey
Director of Photography: Todd M Duym
Producer: Liz Dussault
Executive Producers: Harland Weiss, Donovan Boden
Production Company: FamilyStyle

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Holly Wood

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Banco Popular: The Most Popular Song (Cannes 2012)

This is the first ever Grand Prix Lion for Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico, 60% of the population receive government handouts because no one wants to work. It's so common to live off welfare that the biggest salsa hit of all time is "No Hago Más Ná" by El Gran Combo which translates to "I don't do anything". Banco Popular which is the biggest bank in Puerto Rico, wanted to change that attitude. They convinced El Gran Combo to rewrite the lyrics of this classic song. Watch the case study.

Agency: JWT Puerto Rico

Café BonoGrão: Eyelashes

Excellent way to show how strong this coffee is.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Rui Branquinho
Creative Directors: Rui Branquinho, Flavio Casarotti
Art Director: Guilherme Racz
Copywriter: Lucas Casao
Illustrator: Zombie Studio
Print Agency Producer: Elaine Carvalho, Flavio Zamboni
Art Buyer: Monica Beretta
Account Manager: Luiz Villano
Planner: Eliana Yamaguchi
Media team: Cassiano Oliva
Published: March 2012

Monday, 18 June 2012

Sustainable Light Swing

This light swing must be very impressive at night. It is an interactive light installation that uses the energy of the swing to light the LEDs.

Light Swing from Guilherme Pena Costa on Vimeo.

The Light Swing was created by Guilherme Pena Costa and Ingrid Gabor during a master program in Interactive Telecommunication at New York University.

DNA Project: Cape Town Station Activation

It seems that South Africans are messing up crime scenes and disturbing evidences. The result: Thousands of criminals escape conviction. The DNA Project set out to educate the public never to interfere with a crime scene. They created a 6x8m canvas out of small white stones. Onto this they spray painted the giant mugshot of a criminal. As people walked over the installation the criminal’s identity became more and more unrecognisable.

Advertising Agency: FoxP2 Cape Town, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Justin Gomes
Art Directors: Reijer Van Der Vlugt, Brendan Hoffmann
Copywriters: Justin Osburn, Kenneth Van Reenen
Installation built by: More Design
Video shot and edited by: NiceOneSteve

Friday, 15 June 2012

Hasbro Puzzle: Chasing, Hitchhiking, Hunting, Training

I like the way they approached persistence. Funny set of ads.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Hervé
Art Directors: Paul Kreitmann, Jenna Haugmard
Copywriter: Alexis Benoit

Pedigree: Small dog/BIG WORLD

A very small dog in a world that's a little too big for him. Cute. Watch also the series of 15'' spots.

Small Dog/BIG WORLD from Matthew Kalish on Vimeo.

Small Dog/ BIG WORLD II (Series of :15's) from Matthew Kalish on Vimeo.

Written, Directed, Edited and VO by Matthew Kalish

Nike: Magic Soccer Night

Epic feel good spot from Nike. Old men sneak out at night for a magical soccer night. They may have lost their fitness but certainly not their passion. Enjoy!

Written, Directed, Produced by Paul Wie
Produced and Edited by Peter Yun
Co-Produced by Jason Lee
Music by Robert Litton
Director of Photography: Chris Saul
Production Designer: Rachel R. Kondrath
Costume and Make-Up: Helen Wie
Production Manager: David Lee
Production Coordinators: Mike Yu, Shirley Kim
Assistant Directors: Jason Lee, Daniel J. Seo
Assistant Camera: Josh Park, Kyle Wright
Steadicam Operator: Jerry Franck
Gaffer: Stephen Paar
Best Boy: Team Bashet
Grip: Tony Kim, Benjamin Hyun
Sound Recording: Will Song, Jin Kim
PA: Evangeline Joo, Johnny Ngo, Grace Zhang
Colorist: Kevin Cannon (Prehistoric Digital)
Visual Effects: Peter Pak
Sound Editor/Mixer: Anthony Lee

Blue Team (Old): Don Lewis, Phillip Giesen, Ted Alvarez, Gunter Koch, Donald Wood, Joseph Duenas, Agustin J. Jimenez
Blue Team (Young): Sam Zook, Westley Cole Grant, Andrew Villareal, Bobby Clark, Antonio Roman, Sergio Buenrostro, Agustin Raul Jimenez
Yellow Team (Old): Edgard Castro, David Fannell, Yoon Park, Ray Torres, Pio Alvorado, Graham Clark, Udo Helferich
Yellow Team (Young): Adrian Rodriguez, Ryan Evans, David Lee, Antonio Vielman, Herman Munoz, Aziz Yehia, Trey Mitchell
Referee: Les Kangas
Security Guard: Robert Pruitt
Wife #1: Jane Clark
Wife #2: Myra Bartash
Dog: Sechee

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Volvo: Volvo in Every Car app

With "Volvo in every car" app you can scan the badges of luxury competitive cars and see which of Volvo world's first innovations they have applied. It was launched at the Geneva Auto Show 2012 to make people realize that Volvo is one of the greatest innovators in the car industry.

Advertising agency: La Comunidad

Coca Cola: Security Camera

Happiness can be found everywhere. Even in security cameras footage. Watch people stealing kisses, attacks of friendship, honest pickpocketing, peaceful warriors and many more. Cool work for Coca Cola.

Production company Landia

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mini: The Britalian Job

Mini launched "The Britalian Job" to celebrate its partnership with Team GB and ParalympicsGB. The 5 minute film pays homage to the 1969 classic, the Italian Job. The stunt-packed film, featuring the red, white and blue London 2012 Edition MINIs, is directed by Phil Churchward, the lead director on BBC's Top Gear.

Director:Phil Churchward, 
Jodie Kidd
Daley Thompson
James Cracknell
Jonathan Edwards
Matthew Pinsent

OMO washing detergent: Archaeologist, Astronaut, Physicist

The art direction is perfect. The work of world champion sand artist, JooHeng Tan is impressive. He build a series of 18-ton dirt sculptures showing kids' futures. It's always nice to see great work for products that most agencies and clients neglect.

Watch the making of:

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Singapore
Regional Executive Creative Director: Dominic Stallard
Chief Creative Officers: Dominic Stallard, Kirk Gainsford
Copywriter: Natalie Rose
Art Director: Karen Vermeulen
Production company: Shooting Gallery
Account Director: Ranjit Jathanna
Agency Producer: Jasmine Tan
Photographer: Sebastian Siah
Additional Credits: Andrew Ho, JooHeng Tan, Michael Kan, Raymond Goh, Fuse Audio, Emoxis, Ashlynn Sum, Eranga Tennekoon, Irene Gan

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

BBVA Foundation - The Little Guy Inside the ATM

Clever use of ATMs to convey the message that 7 out of 10 children in Peru do not understand what they read.

Advertising Agency: Volver d6, Lima, Perú
Creative Director: Gonzalo Figari
Planner: Paco Baró
Copywriter: Frank Martí
Art Director: Natalia Iriarte
Accounts: Najibe Alarcón, Francesca Tubino
Production House: Abrakdabra
Director: José Carlos García
Executive Producer / Art: Pablo “Chuscat” Castillo
Post Production: Abrakdabra
Audio: Hechos Sonoros

Monday, 11 June 2012

The FireFlies: For those who suffer we ride

Impressive. Shot at 1000 frames per second. Watch it. It's for a good cause.
The FireFlies are committed to raising money for Leuka, a charity formed to support Research & Treatment of Leukaemia at Hammersmith Hospital, London, renowned as a world leader in treatment of Cancers of the Blood. Donations here.

FOR THOSE WHO SUFFER WE RIDE from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.

Director: Chris Cairns

Volkswagen BlueMotion

Different. Nice.

Advertising Agency: DDB, London, United Kingdom
Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Art Director: David Mackersey
Copywriter: Jonathan John
Designer: Pete Mould

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Tulipan: Ungrateful

This is a new approach to condom ads. An old folks home is a strange set but Young & Rubicam Buenos Aires does a great job and delivers the message. Use Tulipan condoms or suffer the consequences of an ungrateful son.

Agency: Y&R Buenos Aires

Vodafone: Paper perfect Indian characters

Nice paper art with vivid colours and interesting characters for the promotion of Vodafone's various offers.

Creative team: Preeti Koul , Umesh Grover and Nasheet Shadani

Traffic Police Mumbai: Falling hoarding

Cool way get the message about the importance of seat belts through.


Advertising Agency: Draftfcb+Ulka, Mumbai, India
National Creative Director: Ks Chakravarthy
Creative Director: Kartik Smetacek
Art Director: Sandeep Urane
Copywriters: Ashish Thakur, Ishrath Nawaz
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Devendra Mankame
Photographer: Rajdatta Ranade
Published: June 2012

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Enersur GDF Suez: Leaving the light off

A book that you can only read in the dark. Nice way to grab the kids' attention about the importance of saving energy.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Lima, Peru
Creative Directors: Fernando Iyo, Javier Graña
Art Directors: Renzo Sanguinetti, Aaron Padin
Copywriter: Jerónimo Pimentel
Illustrator: Diana Aguilar
Photographer: Juan Pablo Aragón
Additional credits: Juan Pablo Peschiera, Luis Vega, Pedro Molina, Sergio Franco
Published: February 2012

Perrier: The Drop

A single drop of Perrier saves the world from meltdown.

Agency : Ogilvy & Mather
Head DC : Chris Garbut
DC : Thierry Chiumino
Creative team : Baptiste Clinet, Nicolas Lautier, Florian bodet
Head Tv Prod & Tv Prod : Laure Bayle - Aurélie Appert
Production : 75
Director: Johan Renck
Producer : Annabelle Fournier
Head of Production : Jeanne Marie De la Fontaine
Set Designer : Jan Houllevigue
Editing : Danny Tull
Post-Producer : Sandrine Demonte
Music: Grabuge Productions - Jerome Hatchuel

Team Mikros image
Head of VFX : Julien Meesters
Executive Vfx producer : Fabrice Damolini
VFX Producer : Malica Benjémia
VFx Lead & Flame Artist : Stéphane Allender
Vfx CG Lead : Alain BOUTILLIER
Flame : Yves Delforge
Modeling : Vincent VOETGLIN
Tracking : Lorenzo VERACINI, Yvan Galtier
Animation : Marie CELAYA
Lighting/Compo : Mathias BARDAY, Olivier MITONNEAU
Clothes : Frank BOUTRY
Colorist : Sébastien Mingam
Flame Assistant : Jao M’Changana

Friday, 1 June 2012

Bradesco: Fake Ad

Unexpected and convincing. The user reeds an iPad version of a car magazine and when he gets in Bradesco's ad and slides his finger to turn the page, the car crashes into the left side of the screen.

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, Sao Paulo,
Chief Creative Officer: Luiz Sanches

Creative Director: André Kassu, Marcos Medeiros
Art Director: André Leotta, Pedro Sampaio
Programming: The Good Fellas
Technology Director: Fernando Boniotti
Account Manager: Wilson Pereira, Fábio Akimura, Beatriz Almonacid

Corny: Me so Corny

Crazy. Funny. Love it. "How bizarre in a bar" from Fitzroy is a hell of a way to launch a product. The song "Me so corny" is available for download as ringtone from Corny's Facebook page

Advertising agency: Fitzroy
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