Friday, 27 June 2014

Evolve: Playthings. A dildo fight becomes a strong PSA.

Kids are having a dildo fight in front of their moms. Yes it's funny at first. But there is more to that. A very smart way for Evolve to make a strong PSA. I don't want to spoil the surprice so just watch it.

Evolve: Playthings. A dildo fight becomes a strong PSA.

Agency: McCann New York
Client: Evolve
Global Creative Chairman: Rob Reilly
Chief Creative Officer: Sean Bryan
Chief Creative Officer: Tom Murphy
Group Creative Director: Zach Holliday
Group Creative Director: Josh Greenspan
Senior Art Director: Ferdinand Daniele
Senior Copywriter: Tom Weingard
Producer: Bridget Pierce
Music Producer: Michael Ladman
Production Company: Private School Entertainment
Director: David Kerr
Director of Photography: Julian Whatley
Editor: Michael Dart Wadsworth
Editorial Company: Final Cut
Mix Studio: Final Cut

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Canal+ lets you take over the set and be the bear

You probably remember Canal+ Cannes awarded spot "The Bear". Now Canal+ is giving you the chance to be the bear in this hilarious interactive site: Dans la peau de lours (In the skin of the bear according to Google translate).

You are the director and there are lot of gerne types you can choose from. With selections ranging from Horror and Western to Porno and Independent, I'm sure that you will play more than once.

Play here

Canal+ become the director and take over the set

Canal+ Being the bear

Canal+ Being the bear

Advertising Agency: BETC
Direcotr: Adrien Armanet
Actors: Princess-Josephine Drai, Dying King-Nicky Marbot

Monday, 16 June 2014

Amelung Design: Lingua Simplex

Stereotyped characters of each country were used in this funny packaging for Lingua Simplex language games.Each character reveals himself when you push upwards and downwards the two halfs of the packaging. The packaging created created by Amelung Design, has won the European Design Award. Lingua Simplex was also awarded by the Art Directors Club for Germany in 2014 and are nominated for the German Design Award 2015.

Amelung Design: Lingua Simplex

Agency: Amelung Design GmbH
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Sven Amelung
Design: Jonathan Sven Amelung
Author / Editor: Alicia Maritza Amelung
Illustrator: Angela Wittchen
Idea & Concept: Jonathan Sven Amelung
Country: Germany


Social Brands: The future of marketing

We Are Social wrote a great presentation on how brands that actively involve their audiences in the creation of value are best placed to succeed in an ever-more connected world.

It is a long read but definitely worth your time. Grab a coffee and get started.

Social Brands - The future of marketing

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Hellmann's: #PreparaPraMim (#PrepareForMe)

#ReciTweet action is so clever and useful for the user that was bound to beat all records on Hellmann’s Brazil Twitter page.

Hellmann's fans could tweet the ingredients they had on their fridge with the hashtag #PreparaPraMim (#PrepareForMe) and receive a personalized recipe from based on those ingredients.
So simple and without having to download any app or doing any research.

Over the 15 days of the campaign there were more than 3 million impressions relating to #ReciTweet, 2.000 new fans and approximately 85.000 engagements – the sum of clicks, followers, retweets and replies to the  tweets posted. 

Giovanna Gomes, marketing manager for Hellmann’s said "With #ReciTweet, we developed a fun and creative way of interacting with users and provided them with a fast and effective solution for an important moment in their daily lives: deciding what to prepare for a meal with the ingredients and at the time determined by the user".

Hellmann's: #PreparaPraMim (#PrepareForMe)

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Brazil

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Burger King: Whopper Fanatic

Would you miss a World Cup match of your team for a free Whopper? Buzzman's new campaign for Burger King is trying to take advantage of the visibility of the world cup without being official sponsors.

From June, 12th to July, 13th 2014, Burger King will ask you the impossible: choose between a Whopper and your team. If you go to Burger King wearing your team’s shirt while they are playing they will give you a free Whopper.

So, are you a Whopper Fanatic or not?

Burger King: Whopper Fanatic

Advertising Agency: Buzzman
CEO & Creative Director: Georges Mohammed-Chérif
Vice President: Thomas Granger
Associate Director: Julien Levilain
Copywriters and Artistic Directors: Mickael Krikorian, Victor Sidoroff
Artistic Director Assistants: Ugo Guillermo, Aurélie Femenias
Account Managers: Pierre Guengant, Loïc Coelho
Social Media Managers: Julien Scaglione, Thomas Schmitt
PR Managers: Cyril Paglino, Clara Bascoul

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Canalplay: Showerbox

Watch your favorite movies under the shower! Buzzman did it again for Canalplay. After Insomny Coffee they created Showerbox. Now you can start your TV shows in your bed and finish them under the shower.

Showerbox is the first 100% waterproof iPad cover that allows you to watch, without any limit, all the TV shows that you want under the shower, thanks to a high pressure suction and a perfectly hermetic sound system.

The Showerbox was designed by Caseproof engineers, the European leader of mobile protections.


Advertising agency: BUZZMAN
CEO & Creative Director: Georges Mohammed-Chérif
Vice President: Thomas Granger
Associate Director: Julien Levilain
Head of Accounts: Maité Orcasberro
Account Managers: Olivier Lopez, Laura Seror, Nicolas Milcent
Copywriters: Mickael Krikorian, Victor Sidoroff
Art Directors: Mickael Krikorian, Victor Sidoroff
Illustration, Design: Aurélie Femenias
Strategic Planner: Alexandre Ribichesu
Tv Producers and Art Buyer: Vanessa Barbel, Pauline Couten
Digital Producers: Laurent Marcus, François Cavalin
Communication and PR : Cyril Paglino, Clara Bascoul-Gauthier
Director : Alexandre Fort
Digital Production: Creaktif
Production: Caseproof

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

NAR Mobile: Donor Cable Project

How a mobile company can increase blood donations by 335%?
Y&R Moscow created Donor Cable, a bracelet for Nar Mobile that you can use to donate power from one smartphone to another. The message "Donate energy to save a phone, and donate blood to save a life." urged users to donate blood in order to help kids in Azerbaijan that are born with the blood disorder thalassemia. Azerbaijan is No1 in the world in thalassemia and babies who suffer from it need extensive blood transfusions.

I would say kudos to the agency and the client for the Donor Cable bracelet for a true life-saving project. BUT why are they going to Cannes with this idea since the same one is already been done and with the same name by Leo Burnett. See the case study below the credits.

NAR Mobile: Donor Cable Project

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Moscow, Russia

The Donor Cable / Clube Sangue Bom - Videocase (english version) from Leo Burnett Tailor Made on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Citroën C4 Picasso Release: Techno Space

Panoramic Content. Synchronized lighting system. Performing artists and live music.
Another top-notch work from the guys from 5Seis. This time for the Citroen C4 Picasso Release at Faena Art Center, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Citroën C4 Picasso Release: Techno Space

Advertising Agency: 5SEIS, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative Director: Pablo Saquero, Gabriel Aufgang
Producer: Ariel Serra
Additional credits: Delco / C+B

JCDecaux: Google Street View Unpaid Bills

A huge bill to your client make be the answer to get that meeting you wanted. This is what JCDecaux together with BBDO Belgium did. They sent 53 of Belgium’s biggest advertisers a framed picture of their campaign on Google Street view. They attached a letter and a detailed invoice to inform them that their billboard had been visible on Google Street View for years and years without being paid for. Instead of paying of course they just asked from the advertisers a meeting, so they could listen to their sales team about the digital technologies they provide.

JCDecaux sends out huge bills for advertising on Street View

Agency: BBDO, Belgium
Creative Director: Arnaud Pitz & Sebastien De Valck
Art Director: Toon Vanpoucke
Copywriter: Morgane Choppinet
Account Supervisor: Isabel Peeters
Advertiser Supervisor: Veerle Colin (JCDecaux)

Monday, 2 June 2014

McDonald's: Save the Sundae Cone

A giant billboard with a melting McDonald's Sundae Cone was placed in the middle of Bukit Bintang, one of the most famous shopping districts in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. People could use their smartphones and spin the fan on the billboard to bring down the temperature, stop the melting and receive a 10 minutes voucher for a free Sundae Cone. Funny, interactive and relevant to the product. Nice work.

McDonald's: Save the Sundae Cone

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Eric Cruz
Creative Director: Iska Hashim
Creative Group Head: Eaide Jasli, Mukund Olety
Digital Art Directors: Pavel Flegl, Benjamin Encarnacion
Technical Director: Reza Rosli
Project Manager: Chan Lik Win
Flash Developer: Delexander Lai
Content Engineer: Loo Giap Ching
Digital Designer: Buboy Paguio
Agency Producer: Iskander Siva
Photographer: Staek Photography
Production House: Directors Think Tank

Yaocho: The Sleeping Drunks Billboard

This stunt will make all drinkers in Tokyo to think twice before they drink. There is a big problem in Japan with thousands of people who drink till they drop and sleep on the street. To address the problem of Drunk Sleeping, the bar chain Yaocho with the help of Ogilvy & Mather and Geometry Global, turned sleeping drunks into human billboards against excessive drinking. All they needed was duck tape, printed headlines, logos and a hashtag. See the case study.

Yaocho: The Sleeping Drunks Billboard

Advertsing Agencies: Ogilvy & Mather Japan/Geometry Global Japan
Chief Creative Officer: Ajab Samrai
Creative Directors: Yasuhito Imai, Federico Garcia
Copywriter: Federico Garcia
Art Director: Junkichi Tatsuki
Production Company: Babel Label
Director: Kentaro Shima

Heineken‏: The Better Halves

You have half of the ticket for the Champions League Final. Would you ask your better half to perform the Champions League anthem live to get you the other half? That’s what Heineken and the digital advertising agency NEXT-DC asked Bulgarian fans and the answer was positive.

62 wives and girlfriends took the stage all because of their men and their passion for the game. Custom hardware and voice recognition software detected the three performances that were closest to the timing of the original anthem. They were awarded with the second half of the ticket and a seat at the Final.

Heineken‏: The Better Halves

Digital Creative Agency: NEXT-DC, Sofia, Bulgaria
Chief Creative Officer: Maria Todorova
Creative Director: Momchil Zakhariev
Art Director: Kamen Kamenov
Interactive Design Director: Alexander Antonov
Copywriter: Momchil Zakhariev
Head of Digital: George Yanakiev
Digital Project Manager: Ivan Ralchev
Development Team: Andrey Popov, Stanislav Aleksiev, Velislav Valov
Account Management Team: Dessy Vekilska, Hristo Petkov, Monika Simeonova
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