Monday, 31 March 2014

PlayStation: Shock Belgium

Would you put your fingers in an electrical socket? Chances are you would if you wanted to win the new inFAMOUS: Second Son game for Playstation and have a little bit of fun doing it.

Playstation in Belgium, created an installation where you inserted two fingers in a socket and had to stand the electrical shock for 5 seconds to win.

Advertising Agency: TBWA 

All Facebook Image Dimensions infographic

A very useful infographic by Jon Loomer with all the dimensions you need in order to optimize your Facebook timeline, posts and ads.

facebook image dimensions timeline newsfeed posts ads All Facebook Image Dimensions: Timeline, Posts, Ads [Infographic]
Courtesy of:

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Dissolve: This Is a Generic Brand Video

If you work in advertising then you'll find this very funny and true. This is a generic brand video made of stock footage by Dissolve that mocks all corporate advertising videos. Full of advertising cliches, the video is based on "This is a generic brand video" by Kendra Eash. Enjoy!!

Dissolve: This Is a Generic Brand Video

Video: Dissolve Footage
Narrated by Dallas McClain
Music: "Piano Work 02" by rysktchkw

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Rushes: Tiny Worlds

Imagine tiny worlds come to life under our feet. The CG team at Rushes made just that with this very interesting and humorous trilogy.

Rushes: Tiny Worlds

Agency: Rushes, London
Executive Producer:  Norra Abdul Rahim
Producer:  Caroline Laing
Production Assistant:  Alexina Davidson
Head of CG:  Andy Nicholas
Lead CG:  Andy Hargreaves
Director: Chris Hutchison
CG Artists:  Chris Hutchison, Craig Travis, David Drese, Liam Hoflay, Andrea Scibetta, Nimesh Patel
Nuke:  Noel Harmes
Flame:  Martin Goodwin
Sound Design:  Tom Martin @ Mcasso

Pampers Daipers: ZZZ Radio

A radio station that airs only white noise is a brilliant idea from Ace Saatchi & Saatchi Manila for Pampers Diapers. It is scientifically proven that white noise has sleep-inducing effects on babies. Since radio static is white noise Ace Saatchi & Saatchi Manila reinvented how radio can be used and made 99.1FM "ZZZ Radio". They helped babies to sleep and let moms take it to social media and gain the impressive 2011% increase in engagement.

Pampers Daipers: ZZZ Radio

Advertising Agency: Ace Saatchi & Saatchi Manila

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Nokia challenges Sony to a #Cameraduel

Α western style #CAMERADUEL.
Sony made the following tweet:

Picture-perfect moments deserve award-winning camera technology, see how with

and nokia challenged Sony to a #cameraduel

Nokia challenges Sony to a #Cameraduel

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Old Spice: Get Shaved in the Face

Terry Crews is shaving a tiny Terry Crews. Old Spice gets surreal again. Enjoy.

Old Spice - Get Shaved in the Face

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.
Creative Directors: Craig Allen, Jason Bagley
Copywriter: Andy Laugenour
Art Director: Matt Sorrell
Broadcast Producer: Jennifer Hundis
Director of Broadcast Production: Ben Grylewicz
Account Team: Georgina Gooley, Nick Pirtle, Michael Dalton, Jessica Monsey
Executive Creative Directors: Susan Hoffman, Joe Staples
Production Company: Gifted Youth
Direction, Editing, Visual Effects: Fatal Farm
Sound Mix: Charlie Keating, Joint Editorial

Coor Down: Dear Future Mom

A very emotional spot for World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st. Coor Down, Italy's national organization for people with Down syndrome received a letter from a mother who learned that her son will be born with Down syndrome. She asked "I'm scared: What kind of life will my child have?"

The answer came from Saatchi & Saatchi with this emotional video where 15 people with Down syndrome respond to her. "Everyone has the right to be happy" as the tagline says.

Coor Down: Dear Future Mom

Client: CoorDown
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Italy
Executive Creative Director: Agostino Toscana
Creative Directors: Luca Lorenzini, Luca Pannese
Art Director: Luca Pannese
Copywriter: Luca Lorenzini
Director: Luca Lucini
Production Company: The Family Film
Agency Producer: Sabrina Sanfratello
Head of TV: Raffaella Scarpetti
Original Music: Alessandro Cristofori, Diego Perugini for Stabbiolo Music
Postproduction: XChanges Vfx
Color Grading: Band
Audio Postproduction: Top Digital; Cat Sound International
Voiceover: Pasquale Anselmo

Friday, 14 March 2014

Canal+: ‘Wilhelm Scream’ Mockumentary

"The Woman Who Can’t Watch Movies" is the widow of Sheb Wooley and she can't watch movies because he keeps hearing her husband's screem. “The Wilhelm scream,” is a legendary stock audio scream, recorded by Sheb Wooley and used  in the 1951 film Distant Drums. It was named after the character Private Wilhelm in the 1953 western The Charge of the Feather River. It has been used in over 200 films since then (including Star Wars, Toy Story, Indana Jones, Lord of the Rings and more).

Canal+ made a Scream Bank, a catalog of donated screams for industry professionals to use in place of Sheb’s and invites users to record their own screams and help Linda Dotson Wooley see films again. The video is a teaser for Leave Wilhelm Alone, an upcoming documentary on the “Wilhelm scream.”

Canal+ ‘Wilhelm Scream’ Mockumentary - The woman who can't watch movies

Client: Canal+

Agency: FCB Spain & FCB Los Angeles
Campaign: “Leave Wilhelm Alone”
Client Contact: Iñaki Martikorena, Bernardo Melero, Purification González
Executive Creative Directors: Pedro Soler, Eric Springer
Creative Team: Beatriz Pedrosa, Peio Azkoaga, Joao Freitas
Producers: Brendan Kiernan, Steve Devore, Thomas Anderson, Kate Borkowski, Kepa Vizcay
Production Company: Helo
Director: Alex Grossman
Lighting: Seamus Tierney
Sound: Sam Tornero Pulido
Web Developers: Carlos Lainez, Miguel Iglesias
App Developers: Joan Arbó, Jorge Cubillo
Social Media Strategy: Mauro Rodriguez, Jose Olivares
Poster: Beatriz Pedrosa, Marian de la Fuente
Planner: Manuel López

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Carlsberg: HappyBeerTime

Blending social with on premise sales is not an easy task but Carlsberg's Happy Hour 2.0 campaign seems to make everybody happy. Bars have a HappyBeerTime USB stick that when plugged in Happy Hour appears on screen for a limited amount of time. Then people take a photo, upload it to Instagram tagged with #HappyBeerTime and the bar's name and they get extra Happy Hour time. So, bars sell beers and get on Instagram, customers gets discounts, Carlsberg gets content. Everybody's happy.

Carlsberg - HappyBeerTime


Advertising agency: Konstellation, Copenhagen

Wren: First Kiss

20 strangers kissing for the first time in front of a camera. This short film from L.A. fashion brand Wren, got over 22.000.000 views on YouTube in just 2 days. The 20 strangers where hesitant at first, they felt awkward but when they started to kiss it all changed. Director Tatia Pilieva managed to make a touching film that went viral because the majority of the people just saw the transformative power of a kiss. They believed in the "strangers kissing story".

The reality is that these strangers are not common people but professional performers. Slate says:
"The cast includes models Natalia Bonifacci, Ingrid Schram, and Langley Fox (daughter of actress Mariel Hemingway and sister of model Dree); musicians Z Berg of The Like, Damian Kulash of OK Go, Justin Kennedy of Army Navy, singer Nicole Simone, and singer-actress Soko (who also performed the melancholy indie music that accompanies the short); and actors Karim Saleh, Matthew Carey, Jill Larson, Corby Griesenbeck, Elisabetta Tedla, Luke Cook, and Marianna Palka." 

Knowing this ruins the feelings you get out of the film but I guess only people in advertising will know.


Friday, 7 March 2014

Norlis Bookstore: Unplug with a book

We can't escape the Internet but we must be able to unplug ourselves at least for a few hours. Norlis, a bookstore in Norway, urges us to do so with a book with this nice print campaign.

Advertising Agency: Anti, Oslo, Norway
Art Director: Jason Kinsella
Copywriters: Jason Kinsella, Erik Heisholt
Assistant Art Director: Charlotte Bakken
Photographer: Glenn Rokeberg

The Famous Grouse: The Famous Sculpture

Famous Grouse whiskey asked whiskey fans the following question: "What would you like to be famous for?". The most original hopes and dreams where carved with laser in the aluminium strips that where used to built this innovative scuplture. A motion sensitive light project the answers around the gallery. Impressive work.

The Famous Grouse - The Famous Sculpture

The Famous Grouse Sculpture from Marshmallow Laser Feast on Vimeo.

Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London
Production Company: PRETTYBIRD
Director: Marshmallow Laser Feast
Producer: Margo Mars
Sculpture Design: Marshmallow Laser Feast & Studio Roso
Kinetic Design: Ruairi Glynn
Final sculpture DOP: Brett Turnbull
Additional footage: Sandra Ciampone
Editor: Sandra Ciampone
Music: Dave Cooke 

Save the Children: One second a day

The life of an 8 years old girl changes dramatically within a year in this hard one-second-a-day spot. Save the Children charity brings the day-to-day life of kids in Syria to London to showcase that just because it isn't happening here doesn't mean it isn't happening.

Save the Children: One second a day

Client: Save the Children
Agency: Don't Panic, London
Production Company: Unit9

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Cream-O: Cookie Mug

This must be the ultimate mug for drinking milk. It is made from digestive cookies and dark chocolate. It also helps parents motivate their children in order to drink 2 mugs of milk. Great move from Cream-O, a cookie brand in Malaysia, and Grey. The edible mug came free with 2 packs of Cream-O. The campaign run for a month with a succesful 19% increase in sales.

Advertising agency: Grey Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Coke Zero: What do pétanque, knitting and fishing have in common?

Zero. A magic number which when added it can mean nothing or change everything. In Duval Guillaume's latest stunt for the Coca-Cola Zero "Just Add Zero" campaign they did just that. They added zero and changed everything.

They asked ordinary people playing pétanque, knitting and fishing to film them. As you can imagine all of these hobbies have non-to-a-few spectators only. Then they added zero. 6 spectators became 60 then 600. Fishermen, knitting ladies and petanque players felt like superstars when, out of nowhere, supporters started to appear, cheering, creating a crazy atmosphere. (Thanks Sophie)

Coke Zero: What do pétanque, knitting and fishing have in common?

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume Modem

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