Monday, 7 February 2011

Audi Super Bowl 2011: Luxury Prison

Audi tries hard to prove that Mercedes especially and all that the star on the hood reflects is a thing from a past. The old luxury. Audi is the new luxury. A modern one.

Prior to the Super Bowl, and the A8 “Release The Hounds” commercial, Audi released two videos set in a “Luxury Prison” in order to built the story. In the first 3 minutes video we see rich guys, representing the old school, trying to startle young rich kids. In the second video Kenny G uses his saxophone to calm down the inmates. The third video is the Super Bowl spot.

Great work from Venables Bell & Partners. They've created an integrated campaign, using TV, a twitter competition, and a luxury estate sale where they are auctioning off old luxury items in exchange for new one.

The Startled Smart video:

Kenny G Riot Suppressor video:

Release the Hounds Super Bowl video:

Advertising Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

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