Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Volkswagen - Fox no Planeta Terra - Twitter Zoom

Volkswagen sponsored the Planeta Terra Festival (big music festival in São Paulo) in order to bring Fox closer to the youngsters of Sao Paolo.

BBDO Brasil came up with an idea involving twitter, Google maps and prizes. They hid festival tickets across the city and launched a microsite where you could find them by using Google Maps. But, in order to zoom in you had to tweet the #foxatplanetaterra hash tag. The more tweets the more you could zoom in until you could reveal the location of the ticket. Then you just had to run and get it. This went on for four days and four nights.

The results? It only took 2 hours for the tweet #foxatplanetaterra to reach  No 1 in São Paulo's TrendTopic and stayed there for the whole campaign.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Brazil

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