Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Perrier: The Drop

A single drop of Perrier saves the world from meltdown.

Agency : Ogilvy & Mather
Head DC : Chris Garbut
DC : Thierry Chiumino
Creative team : Baptiste Clinet, Nicolas Lautier, Florian bodet
Head Tv Prod & Tv Prod : Laure Bayle - Aurélie Appert
Production : 75
Director: Johan Renck
Producer : Annabelle Fournier
Head of Production : Jeanne Marie De la Fontaine
Set Designer : Jan Houllevigue
Editing : Danny Tull
Post-Producer : Sandrine Demonte
Music: Grabuge Productions - Jerome Hatchuel

Team Mikros image
Head of VFX : Julien Meesters
Executive Vfx producer : Fabrice Damolini
VFX Producer : Malica Benjémia
VFx Lead & Flame Artist : Stéphane Allender
Vfx CG Lead : Alain BOUTILLIER
Flame : Yves Delforge
Modeling : Vincent VOETGLIN
Tracking : Lorenzo VERACINI, Yvan Galtier
Animation : Marie CELAYA
Lighting/Compo : Mathias BARDAY, Olivier MITONNEAU
Clothes : Frank BOUTRY
Colorist : Sébastien Mingam
Flame Assistant : Jao M’Changana

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