Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Volkswagen Beetle: Senior Rebels

Beautiful commercial with old people doing graffiti, skateboarding, riding in supermarket carts, surfing and more, desperately seeking to relive their youth. They are loveable, the music helps built an atmosphere, until the twist in the end when a VW Beetle appears and 2 young people get in. The tag line is a call to action. Nice work from DDB

Global ECD: Jeremy Craigen
Executive Creative Director: Greg Bray / Stephen Mui
Art Director / Copywriter: David Mackersey
Art Director / Copywriter: Jonathan John
Head of TV: Christine Kastens
Production Company: THE SWEET SHOP
Director: Steve Ayson
DOP: Antonio Paladino
Executive Producer: Claire Davidson
Producer: Maricel Ticar Santos
Editor & Company: Peter Sciberras (Offline; Method Studios) Barry Greaves / Nicholas Bennett (Online Compositors; SFG -- TECHNICOLOR)
Post Production & City: SFG - TECHNICOLOR / Shanghai
Composer or Original soundtrack: Nelson Can and track 'Apple Pie' (instrumental)

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