Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Delta Lingerie: The First Facebook Poke Campaign

The first post of 2013 should be something that we see for the first time. Therefore, here's the first Facebook Poke campaign. ACW Grey Tel Aviv used the newly launched Facebook's Poke app (a competitor to snapchat) to promote a one-time sales proposition on Delta Lingerie. They filmed a 10-second sexy and teasing video clip of a model getting dressed using the Poke app, then they sent it to the Delta's Facebook fans. On the last frame of the film it was writen "A One-Time Sale! Delta." urging the fans to go to Delta's website and buy the product with a discount. Tough work because with Poke you can only send the videos to 40 people. This means that the agency had to shoot a new version every 40 people.

Agency: ACW GREY Israel
Head of digital: Dan Eblagon
Digital creative director: Tomer Inbar
Senior digital copywriter: Daniel Barak
Head of Production: Meital Tzoref
Digital producer: ofer Klein

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