Thursday, 9 May 2013

Unicef: #NoNameMatch

In Paraguay, 1 in 4 children under 1 year old is without birth certificate. This means they have no official identity. With the upcoming presidential election, UNICEF pulled a stunt, to make the candidates commit to this. They used in a very clever way the Uruguay vs Paraguay soccer match for Brazil 2014 world cup.

#NoNameMatch from TBWA\ONIRIA on Vimeo.

Country: Paraguay
Client: Radio Corazón
Chief Executive Officer: Camilo Guanes
Executive Creative Director: Daniel Achával
Creative Director: Jorge Tercarioli, Arturo Valiente
Creative: Jorge Tercarioli, Daniel Achával, Camilo Guanes, Arturo Valiente, René López, Jorge Collar, Sergio Sevega
Planner: Rodrigo Weiberlen
Producer: Poli Achával
Other Credits: Metropolis Films, El Bagre Productora, Elemental, LFZ, Inthependiente

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