Thursday, 28 November 2013 India: Wake Up Campaign‏

A wake up call for all the passive job seekers out there. In the new digital campaign for, an online job portal in India, we see a fish talking to a guy asking him “If I asked you a few years back where you’d see yourself today, what would you have said?".  Since you don’t get wake up calls like these in real life, you should go out there and "find better" thus delivering the brands tagline. Dentsu Marcom also made 5 teaser films featuring a little cow boy, a sheep, an opera singer, a vampire and Tarzan trying to #WakeUp the sleeping employee. India - Wake Up Campaign‏

Advertising Agency: Dentsu Marcom
National creative director: Titus Upputuru
Sr. creative director: Jitendra Kaushik, Vishal Mittal
Creative supervisor/Writer: Aneesh Ayyappan
Sr. visualiser: Himanshu Sharma
Account management: Sunita Prakash, Kapil Jayaraman, Kulanath Kaushik
Account planning: Narayan Devanathan, Rabia Sooch
Films: Dawa Lama
Production house: Native Films
Director (film): Albin Jaison
Producer: Supratik Datta

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