Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Terre des Hommes: Sweetie Case film

Webcam Child Sex Tourism (WCST) is spreading like an epidemic. Men from rich countries pay children in poor countries to perform sexual acts in front of webcams. While there are tens of thousands victims every day, there are only 6 convictions.

Lems, an Amsterdam based creative agency wanted to help so they teamed-up with Terre des Hommes Netherlands and they really helped. Not with an advertising campaign but with hard work that brought real results.

They developed "Sweetie", a 3D model that looked like a 10-year-old Filipino girl, interacted with over 20,000 predators, gathered incriminating evidence for 1,000 predators from 71 countries and urged goverments to act upon this. They managed to make Webcam Child Sex Tourism a globally recognized problem, make the Philippines national police consider it as the No1 crime, bring predators to justice and save children.

Excellent work from Lems.

Terre des Hommes: Sweetie Case film

Terre des Hommes - Sweetie Case film from Lemz on Vimeo.

Advertsing Agency: Lems

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