Saturday, 14 June 2014

Hellmann's: #PreparaPraMim (#PrepareForMe)

#ReciTweet action is so clever and useful for the user that was bound to beat all records on Hellmann’s Brazil Twitter page.

Hellmann's fans could tweet the ingredients they had on their fridge with the hashtag #PreparaPraMim (#PrepareForMe) and receive a personalized recipe from based on those ingredients.
So simple and without having to download any app or doing any research.

Over the 15 days of the campaign there were more than 3 million impressions relating to #ReciTweet, 2.000 new fans and approximately 85.000 engagements – the sum of clicks, followers, retweets and replies to the  tweets posted. 

Giovanna Gomes, marketing manager for Hellmann’s said "With #ReciTweet, we developed a fun and creative way of interacting with users and provided them with a fast and effective solution for an important moment in their daily lives: deciding what to prepare for a meal with the ingredients and at the time determined by the user".

Hellmann's: #PreparaPraMim (#PrepareForMe)

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Brazil

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