Wednesday, 4 June 2014

NAR Mobile: Donor Cable Project

How a mobile company can increase blood donations by 335%?
Y&R Moscow created Donor Cable, a bracelet for Nar Mobile that you can use to donate power from one smartphone to another. The message "Donate energy to save a phone, and donate blood to save a life." urged users to donate blood in order to help kids in Azerbaijan that are born with the blood disorder thalassemia. Azerbaijan is No1 in the world in thalassemia and babies who suffer from it need extensive blood transfusions.

I would say kudos to the agency and the client for the Donor Cable bracelet for a true life-saving project. BUT why are they going to Cannes with this idea since the same one is already been done and with the same name by Leo Burnett. See the case study below the credits.

NAR Mobile: Donor Cable Project

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Moscow, Russia

The Donor Cable / Clube Sangue Bom - Videocase (english version) from Leo Burnett Tailor Made on Vimeo.


  1. For me there is the difference between our projects.

    Leo's cable is more about metaphor and electrical outlet which charges phone from electric net, but asks for donor's phone for promotion of donation. It is not a real transfer of the energy from phone to phone. And it cant be moved out of the cafe. Am i right?

    Our cable is more about physical cable: you can carry it with you, charge our phone from another phone anywhere and etc. So the goal of our project - not to just launch the cable, but to put it to the central of the new habit: battery donation. We wanted to create a real community around new way of charging a phone. We tried to form a new trend of charge donation and connect it with the blood donation.

    For me, it is the difference. Please, correct me if i am wrong.
    Thank you

    1. I don't think they'd put an electrical outlet in each table, it probably just transfers energy from one to another. But I see your point...

    2. I think that Y&R cable is a step forward from Leo's. This doesn't erase the fact that Leo Burnett had the original idea.

      I wrote that I would say Kudos to the agency for the technology, for the life-saving blood they managed to collect, for the media coverage etc. It was a good job for the greater good.

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