Saturday, 24 January 2015

A "Stalker" viewed your LinkedIn profile. BBDO for Vier

What a great and creepy way to launch a new thriller series. BBDO Belgium used the "who’s viewed your profile" LinkedIn's feature to anounce the launch of "Stalker" on Vier.

They took advantage of that feature by creating a fictional LinkedIn profile named ‘Stalker’ and filled it out with broadcast info, an exclusive trailer and some personal yet very disturbing details.

Then ‘Stalker’ started visiting profiles. Each of the 12.0000 users received from LinkedIn a notification that "Stalker, self-employed at a place near you" viewed their profiles. Then curiosity did its part and 63% viewed Stalker’s profile.

People liked the idea and spread the word on Twitter. Even without having a Twitter account of his own, ‘Stalker’ got around 27,600 Twitter impressions.

Stalker viewed your LinkedIn profile

Creative director: Jan Dejonghe, Sebastien De Valck, Arnaud Pitz
Art Director: Jan Dejonghe
Copywriter: Jutta Callebaut
Account manager: Lore Desmet
Account Director: Isabel Peeters
Videographer: Jasper Heldenbergh
​Social strategy: Julie Bogaerts
Client: SBS Belgium VIER
Client contacts: Steven Vlassenroot, Steven Huyers

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