Friday, 8 September 2017

BR Malls Mooca Plaza Shopping: Human Warmth

More than 15.000 people are living in the streets of São Paulo unprotected from the cold. Mooca Plaza Shopping wanted to help so, the task that WE, an agency from São Paulo, had was to find a way to increase coat donations. They created posters with the photos of actual homeless people suffering from the cold and the donor could help by placing a coat upon them.

BR Malls Mooca Plaza Shopping - Human Warmth

Human_Warmth _English from Rodrigo Passos on Vimeo.

Advertising Agency:WE, São Paulo, Brazil
Client:Mooca Plaza Shopping, Maria Luiza Dias Ferreira Thomé
Chief Creative Officer:Guy Costa
Creative Directors:Ricardo Sarno, João Paulo Magalhaes, Ana Castelo Branco
Art Directors:Leandro Valente and Alexandre Diniz
Copywriter:Rodrigo Passos
Calligraphy:Douglas Reis
Rtvc:Fernanda Ragazzi, Juliana Emeric, Lais Leleu
Account:Jose Boralli, Wesley Santesso, Vera Fassbinder, Bruno Luiz
Media:Fabio Rosinholi, Thais Caruso, Mauricio Torres.
Chief Operating Officer:Valdir Barbosa
Production Company:Tanajura Filmes
Film Director:Pedro Campos and Leandro Valente
Film Photographer:Victor Ponce
Executive Producer:Mariana Villas Bôas and Bruna Estivalet
Producer:Thaís Martins, Alex Yoshinaga
Motion Design:Fernando Capelari, Amanda Campos

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