Thursday, 10 July 2014

Dtac: The power of love

In this heartwarming spot, we see a father who doesn't know how to make his newborn stop crying. So, he does what you imagine. He calls his wife. She starts singing to the baby then they play some penguins cartoon but non of it is working. Technology fails. But love succeeds.

Technology can never replace love. And this is coming from a tech company. Good work from Y&R Thaland.

Dtac: The power of love

Campaign: dtac “The Power of Love”
Agency: Y&R Thailand
Chief Creative Officer: Trong Tantivejakul
Art Direction: Panumas Tasila
Art Director: Trong Tantivejakul, Kumphol Witpiboolrut
Copywriter: Trong Tantivejakul, Kumphol Witpiboolrut
Account Manager: Jindarat Udomthanapat
Production Company: Sunshine-etc Co., Ltd.
Producer: Khanuengnit Wichitsakonkit
Director: Kumphol Witpiboolrut
Director of Photography: Prapope Duangpikool
Lighting Direction: Udom Pinthong
Cameraman: Prapope Duangpikool
Cameraman#2: Akkarapong Kusakul
Editing: Manop Boonwipas
Music: Cine Digital Sound Studio Co., Ltd
Sound Design: Terdsak Janpan
Post Production: Posters Co., Ltd.
Animation: Anto co.,Ltd

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