Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hyundai Genesis: The Empty Car Convoy

Very impressive stunt filmed at Hyundai's Mojave Desert test track, to showcase the new technologies of the new Genesis 2015.

We see a big truck and 6 cars behind it moving in one lane. 5 of the drivers climb out of the sunroof and make a jump to a moving truck. Stuntman Buddy Joe Hooker stays in the lead car behind the truck. He puts on a blindfold, folds his arms to his chest and he lets ASCC(Advanced Smart Cruise Control), AEB(Automatic Emergency Braking System), and LKAS(Lane Keep Assist System) work their magic when the truck hits the brakes.

This kind of stunts are Volvo's game but Huyndai's Empty Car Convoy will surely be a viral hit.

Hyundai : The Empty Car Convoy

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